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Tribe: A unit of sociopolitical organization consisting of a number of families, clans, or other groups
who share a common ancestry and culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized nor permanent... A group of people sharing an occupation, interest or habit.

Due to copyright issues (about which librarians are VERY serious), we were unable to continue offering Library Tech Geek Squad buttons for sale.

The good news, is that our talented designer, Gwyneth Jones, has created an even better design: we are now the Library Tech Geek Tribe!

Items currently available on Zazzle include Tribe buttons and stickers, with other products in the works.

As before, any profits from the GeekTribe line will be used to help support the Teacher Librarian Ning.

Please visit my Zazzle page for ordering information.

A week before ALA and ISTE we'll be publishing a copyright free conference badge for new Tribe members to print out and proudly display!

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New Children's Book

I have recently published a new children's book that has a librarian as the protagonist. Kids of all ages should enjoy this 116 page comical chapter book with questions at the end. For more information visit, Barnes and Noble, Joseph Beth, or and search for THE OFFICIAL LIBRARIAN: BESSY'S BACK, by Nathan Miller..General information:by Miller, NathanBinding: PaperbackPublisher: AuthorhousePublish Date: 10/2009ISBN: 1449023916ISBN-13: 9781449023911DescriptionBeware of GIANT CATS!!! Did you ever have one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong? Well, if you have you can relate to Bessy Beebody. Her name might sound silly, but she takes her new job very seriously. After having a tough time getting to work and meeting a boss who reminds her of Santa, Bessy struggles to get her school library that has been left in a mess cleaned up and in order before she has the public join her to see the original copy of a very famous book. Bessy finds her job is not an easy one as she has a gorrilla, a wild bird, and a teacher with bad breath interrupt her progress. As if Bessy didn't have enough stress already, she begins getting some communications from strange places, but she'll need all the help she can get if she is to solve the mystery she is forced to take on as the "Official Librarian."
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McKenna: Volunteers good, librarian better

MARY ELLEN MCKENNA, Northborough Daily News Tribune - September 24th The Daily News Tribune, from Needham, Massachusetts has posted an article from a mother who writes a response to another article posted September 18th ("Check this out: Volunteers help keep elementary school libraries open in Ashland."). While she admits that she would probably do the same thing she does recognize the importance of having school librarians. "I applaud the commitment level of the volunteers in Ashland. I would most likely do the same thing in their shoes. I just caution all others applauding their efforts to not think this is a permanent solution. School libraries should be staffed by professional librarians; our children deserve their skills and expertise."
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Evidence Based Library and Information Practice (from the University of Alberta Learning Services) has published another issue. This issue features "school libraries and their connection to evidence based practice." The articles are: 1. Weaving Evidence, Reflection, and Action into the Fabric of School Librarianship 2. Creation of a Research Community in a K-12 School System Using Action Research and Evidence Based Practice 3. School Library Media Specialist Collaboration with Special Education Personnel in Support of Student Learning 4. An Emerging Theory for Evidence Based Information Literacy Instruction in School Libraries, Part 1: Building a Foundation 5. School Librarianship and Evidence Based Practice: Progress, Perspectives, and Challenges 6. Librarian-Teacher Partnerships for Inquiry Learning: Measures of Effectiveness for a Practice-Based Model of Professional Development The Link:
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If you're like me, you are continually thinking about what's next, for our profession and for the learners we serve.Every conversation I have ever had with the phenomenal David Loertscher (whom I consider a mentor), forces me to further consider and often to refine or rethink my vision.Don't miss this opportunity to meet David in Second Life.On behalf of ISTE's SIG-MS and AASL, Lisa Perez (aka Elaine Tulip) invites us all to attend Reinventing School Libraries and Computer Labs: The Time Has Come! The event takes place Tuesday, October 21 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT.Here's the provocative official description:The advent of the Google Generation, who usually ignore the school library and surpass easily what is being taught in computer labs, causes us all to re-examine the entire model of school libraries designed fifty years ago. It requires the re-examination of everything we learned in library and technology education. It means starting with the customer to build information and technology systems that get used and that push learners toward excellence. David Loertscher will take us on a tour of a completely re-thought learning commons where all the specialists, not just teacher librarians or teacher technologiests operate, but a place that is really the heart of teaching and learning in the school. You can read his ideas in advance in the new book: The New School Learning Commons Where Learners Win, available from LMC Source. In any event, come not just to listen, but get in the creative mood yourself to examine bold new strategies equal to the excellence in education this country must pursue. Visit the companion wiki to continue the discussion.Instructions for joining the discussion:Log onto Second Life 15 minutes prior to the meeting time. Instant message Elaine Tulip for a teleport to the meeting location or use the SLURL. to Second Life?To set up an account to join Second Life, do the following:1. Go to the Second Life website several days in advance to set up your free basic account.2. Verify that your computer and connectivity meets the systems requirements/3. Click on the orange Get Started! button. Go through the subsequent screens to create your avatar account.4. Download and install the Second Life viewer software.5. Open the software and log into Second Life using your avatar first name, last name, and password. Watch your avatar be born. Complete the orientation activities to learn about how to communicate, move, search, and edit your appearance.6. When finished, search Places for locations such as Chicago Public Schools, ISTE, or the American Library Association. Teleport to a favorite location, explore, and become acquainted with Second Life. (When searching, make sure the “search mature places” square is checked.)7. Fifteen minutes prior to scheduled meetings, log on and IM Elaine Tulip for a teleport to the meeting location or use the SLURL. hope to see many of you in-world!
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Hello from Dave Cryer

Just a quick hello to anyone I know here and the hundreds of you that I don't. I did notice Lynne & Anne smiling back at me while I was having a look around, so hi in particular to them.And hello to all you others. I'm not a teacher or a librarian, but some kind of self-invented hybrid. Most days I'm in a school library somewhere and I am an ex-teacher, but now I work freelance, running workshops which combine fiction, drama & creative writing. The one I do most is an exploration of fiction through drama.I run a Facebook group for Children's Fiction and I'm currently trying to link up the librarians & writers of the Facebook community in order to promote Writers in Schools. I'm active on the SLN, a UK-based, but global message board for librarians.My passion is for literature. Today's young readers are tomorrow's writers, librarians & teachers. Reading for pleasure is key. We're suffering a squeeze on libraries in the UK at the moment and networking such as this, alongside movements such as Alan Gibbons's Campaign for the Book are an important part of maintaining the status of the book in society.I also like beer & whisky. Just thought I'd lower the tone to finish off.Tara for now,Dave.
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