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Inquiry Circles Book Group

Hi everyone. As some of you may have heard on twitter, we are putting together a book group for teacher librarians and other educators. For our first book, we've decided to read "Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action" by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels. This book matches our current professional focus on inquiry, and promises to give all of us some practical ideas to implement in our schools. We hope this book will be relevant to all librarians, regardless of your school level. Currently, this book is on sale from the publisher and offered with free shipping here: http://www.heinemann.com/products/E01230.aspx We are planning to read the book over the winter break. I haven't quite decided how the discussions will be structured. I'd love any suggestions you have about starting dates or other points such as: should we have a weekly synchronous chat? If so, where? Should there also be a discussion board where you can post anytime? What other modes of communication would enable a rich discussion? If you are interested in participating, please post your information here so I can keep you updated. In the mean time, order the book and get ready for some great conversation! Thanks, Beth Friese Twitter: @librarybeth
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Will I ever get this???

I thought I did post on my blog, but it's telling me I did not. So here is my first blog post I guess. As I look at this page, I think it's much too complicated. My 14-year-old daughter mastered her myspace page and it looked great. I thought I was computer literate...
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