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This week is teacher work week.

As I write this, I am now at home after an all-day, off site professional development training with all the certified staff at my school.  The details of the training itself aren’t particularly important.  What is important is how I felt by the end of the day: really, really tired.

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The Final Four by Paul Volponi

The Final FourThe Final Four by Paul Volponi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love all of Paul Volponi's books and this is no exception! He gets the suspense and excitement just right in this book about basketball and 4 overtimes in a game that will totally drive you crazy with anticipation. Who will win this Final Four game between the Michigan State Spartans (Malcolm McBride and Michael Jordan) against the Troy University Trojans (Roko Bacic and Crispin Rice)is anyone's guess as we follow the story through the four main characters, (and there are so many more other memorable characters in this book!) newspaper stories, and news reporting by sportscasters. I so enjoyed Malcolm; he was easy to dislike with all his bravado, but he was a consummate player, who had a close-knit family, ethics that kept him away from the drug infested streets, parties and trouble. Volponi's trash-talking between the basketball players was cruel and amusing and created a dynamic that fueled the tension on the court. Roko's story was heartrending with his flight from Croatia and the loss of his uncle. But you knew he was going to do whatever it took to survive, be a leader, and be just like his uncle. I enjoyed the dynamics between Michael Jordan and Malcolm and loved his Reaction Paper: Basketball is Life! Crispin Rice's spur of the moment proposal teaches him (and his team) about living in the moment and the Troy of Hope good luck won't make them a winning team, but looking out for each other during the game is their winning strategy. I will be getting multiple copies of this book for our library and I know my reluctant readers, especially those that love basketball will be fighting for this book!

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Teacher Tech at Break-NECC Speed

because of NECC, Joyce, and all i learned, and all the friends i made and i met...from the hallways to the Second Life Playground...the Twitter all inspired me to ....start (yet another) blog! Library Media Tech Musings this is where i shared some of my musings and lessons learned from NECC....such as: "Our plates should be small but our appetite LARGE for new technology" please visit and let me know your thoughts...and see you at AASL in Charlotte! DEADLINE for EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION is Tomorrow!
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Guru Stalking @MICCA, NECC & AASL, Oh my!

WARNING: this is a very rambling & gushy blog


so who's goin to MICCA, NECC or AASL? anyone? if so, are you presenting? and if so, what? i wanna catch it! i'm representing Md. Digital Libraries at NECC (thanks Carol!!)...Whoohooo! sounds silly but i do so much out of pocket this is a super thrill! sure, i have to go to EVERY sesssion & report back to my peeps in my county and do some PD but no big whoop! free registration & a hotel room? score! also presenting both at MICCA & AASL in Charlotte, NC... SO excited about these upcoming conferences!! even hopefully hooking up with some of my SL educator friends moving SL into the RL with the 2.0 kinda stuff i've been doing in SL.


other tech guru crushes: so how did i get into education in Second Life? i have no resistance to what Kathy Shrock tells me....i've been a devoted acolyte of hers since 97 she's the Aerosmith to my Wayne's World. "i'm not worthy!" other tech guru crushes: Joyce Valenza the founder of this Ning...she's SO super cool - she both inspires and exhausts does she DO all she does!? i go to ALL her presentations and i leave with all kinds of enthusiasm and ideas....but she also makes me feel like a slacker, i could do MORE! LOL Will Richardson.... i'd gladly stalk him! [swoons] ....oh wait, i already do! ...going to any and all presentations he gives, sitting in the front row and filming him on my flip!! heh heh Jeff Hastings is a rockin LMS and my gadget guru and gave me permission to spread the gadget love around my state bernie dodge creator of the webquest and just a great guy! Aaron Smith...[grins] a super talented MD collegue and art teacher..don't worry, you're local...i won't stalk you, where's the challenge? but still, you do cool stuff man! gosh this whole entry sounds like one long gushing tweet...gah! LOL so, who are your ed tech heroes?
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If you're like me, you are continually thinking about what's next, for our profession and for the learners we serve.Every conversation I have ever had with the phenomenal David Loertscher (whom I consider a mentor), forces me to further consider and often to refine or rethink my vision.Don't miss this opportunity to meet David in Second Life.On behalf of ISTE's SIG-MS and AASL, Lisa Perez (aka Elaine Tulip) invites us all to attend Reinventing School Libraries and Computer Labs: The Time Has Come! The event takes place Tuesday, October 21 at 8pm ET/7pm CT/6pm MT/5pm PT.Here's the provocative official description:The advent of the Google Generation, who usually ignore the school library and surpass easily what is being taught in computer labs, causes us all to re-examine the entire model of school libraries designed fifty years ago. It requires the re-examination of everything we learned in library and technology education. It means starting with the customer to build information and technology systems that get used and that push learners toward excellence. David Loertscher will take us on a tour of a completely re-thought learning commons where all the specialists, not just teacher librarians or teacher technologiests operate, but a place that is really the heart of teaching and learning in the school. You can read his ideas in advance in the new book: The New School Learning Commons Where Learners Win, available from LMC Source. In any event, come not just to listen, but get in the creative mood yourself to examine bold new strategies equal to the excellence in education this country must pursue. Visit the companion wiki to continue the discussion.Instructions for joining the discussion:Log onto Second Life 15 minutes prior to the meeting time. Instant message Elaine Tulip for a teleport to the meeting location or use the SLURL. to Second Life?To set up an account to join Second Life, do the following:1. Go to the Second Life website several days in advance to set up your free basic account.2. Verify that your computer and connectivity meets the systems requirements/3. Click on the orange Get Started! button. Go through the subsequent screens to create your avatar account.4. Download and install the Second Life viewer software.5. Open the software and log into Second Life using your avatar first name, last name, and password. Watch your avatar be born. Complete the orientation activities to learn about how to communicate, move, search, and edit your appearance.6. When finished, search Places for locations such as Chicago Public Schools, ISTE, or the American Library Association. Teleport to a favorite location, explore, and become acquainted with Second Life. (When searching, make sure the “search mature places” square is checked.)7. Fifteen minutes prior to scheduled meetings, log on and IM Elaine Tulip for a teleport to the meeting location or use the SLURL. hope to see many of you in-world!
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