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Global Education Conference


I would like to invite your students to participate in The Global Education Conference this November

15-19, 2010. This conference is held online in Elluminate over 5 days in multiple time zones. We are interested in participants, presenters and partners. The focus is on global collaboration and bringing interested parties together to explore best
practices in helping students and educators develop global competencies.
Students you know may be interested in sharing their work with others around
the globe. Please explore the following conference web site link and let me
know if you have any questions. The conference website -->

The student track will include opportunities for:

Student Organizations
Model Projects
Service Learning
Exchange Programs
Adult and Community
Project Showcases

Our Suggested Session Set Up: (not to exceed 60 minutes)

* arrive in Elluminate room 20 minutes before presentation
* 1-5 minutes welcome & short biographical blurb
* 20-40 minutes - Student Presentations
* 15 - 20 minutes - Q&A
* Suggested Session Set Up: (not to exceed 60 minutes)
* arrive in room 20 minutes before presentation
* 1-5 minutes teacher welcome
* 20-40 minutes - Class Event and Student Presentations
* 15 - 20 minutes - Q&A with Teachers

Possible Social Issues for Presentations

* Human Rights
o Convention on the Rights of the Child
* Peace
o How can we educate for peace?
o Nonviolence, respect for human rights and dignity, social justice and civic responsibility, global awareness, and environmental sustainability.
* Cities
o Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow
* Poverty
o What does it mean to be poor? What are the best ways to fight poverty?
* Health
o Fighting Disease
* Saving Tomorrow's World
o Threats to our planet and the issues of environmental politics
o Cleaner Oceans
* Education
o UNESCO’s 2015 Challenge
o How is education changing / staying the same

Thank you for your consideration,

Student Strand Committee

Chris Chater
Committee Chair
and Lisa Durff
Committee Member
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Want my aide back!

Do to budget cuts, I lost my aide and now I find myself struggling doing tons of things all at once. Simple things I used to delegate to her now has to be squeezed between lessons, check in/out, shelving books and managing AR. I know I will survive and it's just establishing a routine but for now....I'm exhausted! She used to help me so much...but what can I do???
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