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Huntsville, Texas

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I teach Library Science at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. We do a great job preparing school librarians. I have written two books about technology, and have two more in the works. I love working with students and technology. My other interests are reading and photography. I also enjoy visiting and traveling with my singer/songwriter daughter, Emily Herring.

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  • Greetings Dr.Mary Ann,


    I'm Mike McQueen, teacher librarian and founder of http://www.GettingBoysToRead.com. Like many school districts, we are in a financial crises. Our school board recently proposed to eliminate ALL 20+ middle school teacher librarians and also cut all 90+ elementary schools to half time. Since we are the biggest district in all of Colorado, we worry this will cause other districts to follow suit.

    We launched an online movement and are going to do our best to put up a good fight. If possible, please visit our Facebook page and "Like" us http://www.facebook.com/SupportSchoolLibraries . Adding a positive comment and sharing with your friends would help our morale as well. The board finalizes the budget soon so your timely support would be greatly appreciated!


    Mike McQueen
    Teacher Librarian at McLain HS
    Lakewood, CO

  • Actually my pictue did not turn out well. I used a regular sony digital camera. When I went to the cathedral, I ended up spending the entire day there. I had only budgeted that morning, but I was so enthralled!(remember that afternoon rain storm?)I asked if I could go up to the  tower with the Darth Vader and get a close-up, but it was currently closed. So, this picture is actually from the information page that I made for our trip.


  • I admit I am not sure who the statue you are sitting next to is either!  I was wondering about that!  I will try and find out!  As for the Nancy Pearl pictures with the Texas greats statues at the SA convention center, it would be great to see some!  Those statues are neat!  They make you feel proud to be Texan!
  • Dr. Bell, Hello!

    I see your profile picture and I am in danger of being tagged a copy-cat!  I uploaded my image before seeing yours!  I took mine day before yesterday at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Convention in San Antonio inside the convention center.  I saw Sam Houston and couldn't resist!  I had much better poses taken by my son, but he managed to blur them all even with the stabilizer!  He definitely will receive picture taking lessons! The attached photo is how I felt about my son's picture taking abilities! (yes, that is Charles Goodnight's gun)2472613256?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • I am glad to hear to you have fond memories of little ole Fal. I know who your relatives are. My family owned and operated a wholesale business on 281 for many, many years and my uncle was the county judge there for quite sometime. I asked my dad and uncle and they know your family members. I am always amazed how a little town in South Texas has so many connections to it.
  • Thank you! Yes he's my little "super star" 
  • Thanks, my doggies mean a lot to me. The youngest, Bella, has been throwing up since last week and took her to the vet on Friday. She got some Xrays done and Dr gave her some meds. I dont like seeing them in pain because they cant communicate with me to tell me what is wrong. But she seems to be doing better, she is running around the house and barking as I type. :)
  • Hi Dr. Bell, I Love the picture of your dog relaxing. It seems mine like to do the same thing :o)
  • How interesting! It is so weird that in some way people always have a link to Falfurrias. Miguel Salinas and I just found out that our great grandfathers were brothers which makes us cousins. We found this out because he saw my hometown listing. Weird but true! I enjoyed growing up in Falfurrias and it is sad to say that most of my relatives no longer live there. However, it is nice to hear that so many people have links to little ole Fal.
  • It sounded like a good group to join.
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