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TV Studios: This Week in Rap


Flocabulary Launches ‘The Week in Rap’ - A Week's Worth of News, Rapped – Teen-Friendly News Delivery Helps Spark Classroom Discussion About Current Events –

3401834938_8c0df66e68_o.jpg's about time! ...i suspect inspired by E! News - The Daily 10's Hollywood Rap-Up where each week, rapper Infinite-1 condenses all of the top stories into an extremely funky rap now we have that same idea but but classroom friendly, newsworthy (sorry Paris, Miley, & Lindsay!) and fit for TV studios and/or social studies classrooms!


(dance montage mixed in makes it funky fresh) "A new Web site from the creators of, a music project initially intended to expand students’ vocabulary by teaching them rap songs, is now also making current events more accessible by rapping about them." The new site is called The Week in Rap. "Every Friday, Flocabulary’s hip-hop artists produce a two-minute music video summarizing the major news stories of the week. The classroom-safe videos are posted on The idea is that students who spend the majority of their time listening to music and watching videos online can now catch up on current events by checking out each week’s post.


Each Week in Rap post contains lyrics to the songs and key words that are highlighted with links to news stories from leading news outlets where viewers can get more information about that news topic. Recent posts discuss such current events as the economic downturn, politics, the Iraq War, sports, Nobel Prize winners, technology and the Economy"


"You have a giant thumb, I see you like to text,

But I text a lot too, so I might be next,

I might confess I once drove and texted,

But some teens want to make that so I’d get arrested,

“License, registration, step out of the car,

Are you carrying a cell phone? I know a lot of you are,”

Lyrics 3.20 "The listener’s experience is enhanced visually with a montage, and links embedded in the song lyrics lead to articles and videos that explain the stories in more detail. Cofounder Blake Harrison told CBS that kids want to learn but many students lack access to news that engages them: “It’s hard to care about something that you don’t know about.” "Flocabulary co-founder and The Week in Rap creator Blake Harrison believes that learning about the news in this format will encourage students to dig deeper. “We use humor to get kids involved, but the goal is to give them an opportunity to learn more,” says Harrison. To that end, the lyrics to the songs contain links to news stories from prominent newspapers and TV shows. Flocabulary’s goal for the project is to have teachers play the short videos in their classrooms on Monday mornings. The creators think it’s a great way to focus student attention after a weekend, and also a great way to spark a discussion on current events." TECH TIP: My county blocks Vimeo so i can't see the vid on the main page...but if you go down to the lyrics below the vid and click download the video comes up as a Quicktime .MOV that we can see and broadcast on our daily news show....


i've also talked to the guys at and requested that they also mirror it on teacher tube...that way we could embed the vids on our blogs or wiki's to use with social studies classes and current events discussions. but the flocab guys haven't kept up with the mirroring as i would have hoped because thee embed script on the main site is to Vimeo...which again, is blocked for my county.
Sources: findingDulcinea, &
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Dublin: One City, One Book

Hello everyone, For the 4th year running, the Dublin City Public Libraries is encouraging all Dubliners to read and discuss one book during the month of April. This year: Dracula by Bram Stoker. There will be events throughout the city for the month of April. For more information: Richard Beaudry Librarian Langley Secondary School
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Nings in the classroom

Our freshmen English classes have just begun to use a Ning in their I-Search project. Has your school done this? Happily the library instigated it when the department chair came to me to ask how we (library) might creatively contribute to the project.We've rolled out 3 Nings for the three freshman teachers late last week ( was great at removing ads after getting a request from me) -- a few bumps but so far working. Will keep you posted.
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Librarians are the experts of record keeping and retrieval of information. Only that there are students and administrators not well known of what are the works of LIBRARIANS.They just don't know that Librarians are the most important personnel in any institutions.Let's keep up all the good work and always be loyal!!!!!
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My Book

Hi! If there is anyone out there interested in poetry, I have had a book of poems published entitled Sweet Sorrow. I am very proud of this and it is available for purchase at or I feel these poems are very easy to relate to.
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Gender equity

Does anyone have any suggestions, apart from perhaps Googling the 1964 Civil Rights Act, regarding gender equity in the library world? Thanks for your help.
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From the Information Literacy Weblog comes information on a new online professional journal for librarians in Norway: Nordic Journal of Information Literacy in Higher Education (NORIL) is a peer reviewed open access journal. Information literacy is a multidisciplinary field as it is the subject of both academic research, as well as of library pedagogical practice. The development of knowledge in the field is nourished by perspectives from different academic diciplines, such as pedagogy, sociology, media studies, library and information science and psychology.
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Guru Stalking @MICCA, NECC & AASL, Oh my!

WARNING: this is a very rambling & gushy blog


so who's goin to MICCA, NECC or AASL? anyone? if so, are you presenting? and if so, what? i wanna catch it! i'm representing Md. Digital Libraries at NECC (thanks Carol!!)...Whoohooo! sounds silly but i do so much out of pocket this is a super thrill! sure, i have to go to EVERY sesssion & report back to my peeps in my county and do some PD but no big whoop! free registration & a hotel room? score! also presenting both at MICCA & AASL in Charlotte, NC... SO excited about these upcoming conferences!! even hopefully hooking up with some of my SL educator friends moving SL into the RL with the 2.0 kinda stuff i've been doing in SL.


other tech guru crushes: so how did i get into education in Second Life? i have no resistance to what Kathy Shrock tells me....i've been a devoted acolyte of hers since 97 she's the Aerosmith to my Wayne's World. "i'm not worthy!" other tech guru crushes: Joyce Valenza the founder of this Ning...she's SO super cool - she both inspires and exhausts does she DO all she does!? i go to ALL her presentations and i leave with all kinds of enthusiasm and ideas....but she also makes me feel like a slacker, i could do MORE! LOL Will Richardson.... i'd gladly stalk him! [swoons] ....oh wait, i already do! ...going to any and all presentations he gives, sitting in the front row and filming him on my flip!! heh heh Jeff Hastings is a rockin LMS and my gadget guru and gave me permission to spread the gadget love around my state bernie dodge creator of the webquest and just a great guy! Aaron Smith...[grins] a super talented MD collegue and art teacher..don't worry, you're local...i won't stalk you, where's the challenge? but still, you do cool stuff man! gosh this whole entry sounds like one long gushing tweet...gah! LOL so, who are your ed tech heroes?
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Thing 19

I am at the end of a Web 2.0 class and choosing a social networking site is Thing 19. I really like the way this Ning is set up and look forward to using it often!
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Online free web tutorials...

In the just in case you wanted to know category- Christopher Bell and I are presenting a online workshop with School Library Journal...Technology on a shoestring- big tools for small budgets. The webcast will be Tuesday, 3/24. We're going to demo all kinds of free tools. Register online and join us if you would like! Most of you probably know the tools, but if you want to hop on so that you can laugh at my foibles- feel free!
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New Issue of Educators Spotlight Digest

Hello everyone, Here is an online magazine of interest for teacher librarians. From the magazine: The Educators’ Spotlight Digest is a free magazine for teachers of multiple literacies. It is published twice a year (fall/winter and spring/summer) by S.O.S. for Information Literacy, a project of Syracuse University's Center for Digital Literacy in collaboration with the American Association of School Librarians and the Association of College and Research Libraries. It can be accessed online at:
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27 Things To Do Before a Conference

Hello Everyone, For those of us who attend and present at conferences regularly (many many people on this ning as an example) comes an article on Chris Brogan's Blog 'Community and Social Media'. 27 Things To Do Before a Conference Chris Brogan March 13th, 2009 Richard Beaudry Librarian Langley Secondary School
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Literacy Leads the Way

As a part of the literacy professional community, as a school librarian, I received an invitation through my school district to join other literacy professionals as a participant in Online Course Work targeting the theme Literacy Leads the Way.The overall objective is for literacy professionals to increase their literacy building expertise so as to provide appropriate activities to build reading fluency, develop oral language, world knowledge; and, to build listening/reading comprehension as well as to ensure wide exposure to literature lending supportive ideas for building inner dialogue for reading comprehending and written composition.Additionally, I am presently working on a media project with my library book club students. We are in the process of creating a DVD which exhibits the students discussing inclusive of props depicting their favorite books read for the Book Contest held in my district. The slide show will include voiced audio and music. The students are very excited and so am I!
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Hello everyone, Here is an article worth reading. Better Safe Than Sorry: Does Your Library Have an Online Acceptable-use Policy? By Pat Scales -- School Library Journal, 3/1/2009 Richard Beaudry Librarian Langley Secondary School
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