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Research Made Easy

Okay, not easy, but much clearer! Kentucky Virtual Library's Research Rocket offers a student-friendly, step-by-step introduction to the research process.

While the screen shot to the right gives you a basic idea of the steps involved, what it doesn't show you is that each individual step provides its own easy to understand tutorial (see below).

For media center specialists or teachers introducing students to the research process, this is both a great introduction and a great stand-alone resource to which students can refer when going through the motions of information collection and organization.

(The picture to the right is the page a student would access if she clicked on the "Scan First" square of Step 4 on the map. As she reads over the information provided, she can also roll the mouse over the graphics, which provides additional visual cues).

And of course, there's always the option of using individual components of the whole process (such as the Scan/Survey module here) as reading comprehension skill builders in the elementary classroom.
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High School Research Process Wiki

Hi all -I'm working on standardizing the research process in our school, and integrating it into the curriculum. The wiki is at'm tracking the history of the project at school library website is available from both.If you take a look and care to comment I would appreciate it.Thanks,Ed LevinTeacher LibrarianDowntown Magnets High SchoolLos Angeles, CA
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Nings in the classroom

Our freshmen English classes have just begun to use a Ning in their I-Search project. Has your school done this? Happily the library instigated it when the department chair came to me to ask how we (library) might creatively contribute to the project.We've rolled out 3 Nings for the three freshman teachers late last week ( was great at removing ads after getting a request from me) -- a few bumps but so far working. Will keep you posted.
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