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eBook: "An Educator's iPad" ... published

eBook: "An Educator's iPad" ... published on Amazon and Apple iTunes.

... written for educators and parents who have an interest in mobile learning and especially the use of Apple’s iPad.
It is not a “how-to” manual but a resource for enabling more informed decisions regarding the use of mobile technology in learning and teaching

From iTunes :
~ US$2.99
Only available in the Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, UK and USA Stores.
If you purchase in the iTunes store then this book is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes.
Books must be read on an iOS device.

From Amazon
~ US$4.99
If you purchase from Amazon then the book can be read on any Kindle device, also on the web using Amazon Cloud Reader and on iPad, iPhone, iDevices, Android devices and other mobile devices using the free Kindle App.

Visit http://AnEducatorsiPad.com for more details and to purchase/download.

I do hope you find this of interest and relevance and it helps support you and your students.

I plan to revise this eBook each year and republish in January ... at the rate of change in the use of Edtech even eBooks have difficulty keeping up.

There are links at the end of each chapter in the book to facilitate feedback for future versions. http://bit.ly/aneducatorsipadfeedback
I look forward to reading any contributions you are able to share.

... and all for the price of a Hamburger ;-)

Have fun

Chris [Shamblesguru]

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Shamblesguru's iPad : The Blog

I have an iPad2 and a New iPad ... and a very happy nephew who has inherited my iPad1.

This Blog is designed to share the Apps that I have on my iPad ... not only the Apps but also to show how they have been organised in folders. This is more difficult than I thought it would be as many Apps could be in multiple folders .... e.g. "digital storytelling" or "creating eBooks" or "eportfolio."

I'm hoping that you will offer suggestions and share your own expriences using the "comments" following each Post ... is anything missing or should be in a different folder or ...

There are over 1,000 Apps in 150 folders on my iPad at the moment ... so it's going to take a little time to get through them all.

There is an additional reason for creating the Blog ... and that is to supplement the eBook that I first published in February 2012 "An Eductors iPad".
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Achoo Will Catch You

(Well he has caught me because I'm recovering from a cold after a school visit.  I should keep away from such places).







ACHOO WILL CATCH YOU - Josie Whitehead


Everyone’s met Achoo, known as the common cold.

He’s an evil little cold germ who’ll not do as he’s told.

    He likes to pounce on people for he’s such a social man.

    He hides away in corners and he’ll catch you if he can.


He’s invisible to humans so you won’t know that he’s there.

He’ll be hiding in your classroom or sitting on your chair.

    He’ll be waiting on the door handle or flying through the air.

    He’ll be hiding where you least expect, so is this really fair?


You’ll know when Achoo’s caught you for you start to feel quite ill

And Mum might say “Stay in the warm - you’ve got a nasty chill.”

     Your throat feels sore, your nose will run and oh how tired you feel.

      The fact that Achoo’s caught you isn’t easy to conceal.


Keep sneezes in your bedroom.   Don’t let Achoo get away.

He soon will tire of his silly tricks and he’ll go another day.

      By keeping him at home you will not give him to your friends

       And Achoo’s nasty, sneaky tricks will soon come to an end.




Hope your children like this.


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