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eBook: "An Educator's iPad" ... published

eBook: "An Educator's iPad" ... published on Amazon and Apple iTunes.

... written for educators and parents who have an interest in mobile learning and especially the use of Apple’s iPad.
It is not a “how-to” manual but a resource for enabling more informed decisions regarding the use of mobile technology in learning and teaching

From iTunes :
~ US$2.99
Only available in the Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, UK and USA Stores.
If you purchase in the iTunes store then this book is available for download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes.
Books must be read on an iOS device.

From Amazon
~ US$4.99
If you purchase from Amazon then the book can be read on any Kindle device, also on the web using Amazon Cloud Reader and on iPad, iPhone, iDevices, Android devices and other mobile devices using the free Kindle App.

Visit for more details and to purchase/download.

I do hope you find this of interest and relevance and it helps support you and your students.

I plan to revise this eBook each year and republish in January ... at the rate of change in the use of Edtech even eBooks have difficulty keeping up.

There are links at the end of each chapter in the book to facilitate feedback for future versions.
I look forward to reading any contributions you are able to share.

... and all for the price of a Hamburger ;-)

Have fun

Chris [Shamblesguru]

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Shamblesguru's iPad : The Blog

I have an iPad2 and a New iPad ... and a very happy nephew who has inherited my iPad1.

This Blog is designed to share the Apps that I have on my iPad ... not only the Apps but also to show how they have been organised in folders. This is more difficult than I thought it would be as many Apps could be in multiple folders .... e.g. "digital storytelling" or "creating eBooks" or "eportfolio."

I'm hoping that you will offer suggestions and share your own expriences using the "comments" following each Post ... is anything missing or should be in a different folder or ...

There are over 1,000 Apps in 150 folders on my iPad at the moment ... so it's going to take a little time to get through them all.

There is an additional reason for creating the Blog ... and that is to supplement the eBook that I first published in February 2012 "An Eductors iPad".
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These days teh world belongs to cell phone and smartphone users . According to a study by the end of this year, additional than 40 percent of the people will switch over to wireless devices for their basic office use. In fact there are many users who have already started relying on the substitute of smartphone devices and other portable devices like iPad and tablets for their business communications. A wide range of business applications are seen in proving to be an ideal resolution for them to carry out their work with smart ways and ideas. But in the current modern world the quantity of devices and gadgets you use usually face an subject of security which make the people conscious . There was always a risk of losing imperative data and information to people like hackers and crackers. However, the subject was lastly resolved with the plan of VPN or virtual private network. You can find a wide range of VPN software which makes the data safe and sound and secured and make the users carefree while accessing internet.

The ideas like mobile VPN or iPad VPN or VPN Android which acts smart for smartphone and tablet users. With this idea, you can just encrypt the data found over the devices which makes impossible for any user to action smart and have fine time while enjoying a carefree internet usage apart from reaping other benefits including affordability, getting a full-fledged kind of privacy and even gaining access to a couple of censored sites at countries like Middle East and China. Initially, the plan of virtual private network was localized to conventional computer networks at offices and business places. However, gradually when devices like smartphones and tablets came into picture they too faced the similar issues, which was averted to a intense extent by using accurate VPN software.

The earlier versions of android based phones and iPhones didn't had the feature of whole security and safety measures which really hampered the sales of their products, however, when the VPN iPhone came into picture, the subject of security just got away. This is the beauty of mobile virtual private network or VPN mobile a perfect key for rendering mobile workers with safe, reputable, remove access to network resources and information from virtually anywhere. Only a well implemented mobile deployment helps to empower workers with competent resources they require to be helpful while resulting in faster business transactions, superior customer service and eventually making the customers happier and with increased level of revenue at their wallet.

Hence what you come across at the end of the day with mobile VPN are the factors like productivity, security, performance and management. The subject of productivity is seen increasing due to the automatically maintaining connections and application sessions; the security factor protects all your data traffic and wireless cell phone devices with the industry's highest level of encryption. The performance increase as you can see an superior degree of QoS connections giving accurate preference to severe apps and lastly a accurate management of resources are seen with centralized view of wireless deployments with exhaustive kind of reporting. This is all the bliss you can enjoy with the help of virtual private network. So what more any mobile or smartphone user would aspire now, they can carry out any business operation safe and sound.

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