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Hi Everyone!

The National Forum on Information Literacy, under the auspices of Dr. Sharon A. Weiner, NFIL V.P. and W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy at Purdue University, is spearheading a national campaign to secure gubernatorial information literacy proclamations from all 50 states and territories. 

As most of you know, President Obama issued a presidential proclamation in 2009 establishing October as National Information Literacy Awareness Month, the first national recognition of this critical teaching and learning concept. 

In October 2011, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts issued an proclamation describing the importance of information literacy to the citizens of the Commonwealth. 

The National Forum's mission is simple - mainstream information literacy practice.  Seeking gubernatorial proclamations underscores that mission.  And we cannot do it without your support. 

A number of information literacy advocates have already volunteered to pursue proclamations in their states. The process, in most states, is quite simple and not complicated.  

We welcome your involvement...please contact Dr. Weiner directly at for a template and details on how you can become involved.  Thanks!

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Co-founders of Flat Classroom®, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, are excited to be able to offer this global collaborative project to classrooms around the world. This project will run as a pilot for the coming semester, February-April 2012 and be open to Prep/Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 classrooms (4-7
year old students).
Can very young students effectively connect, communicate, and collaborate in a global project?
What does this look like? What products can students in mixed classroom teams co-create?
What activities and structure can we design and implement to scaffold this collaboration? There
are many wonderful opportunities out there already for students to connect using technology
tools. However the aim in this project is also to encourage students in different places to
collaborate, not just communicate, and to enhance understanding of cultures and life styles
beyond the immediate environment.
We invite teachers who believe global collaboration has a place in their classroom. We invite
those who want to improve digital citizenship and cultural understanding, leading to global
competency amongst students and teachers. We invite teachers who have some digital fluency
and access to digital tools who want to use them in meaningful ways to connect with others and
learn together.
The ‘Building Bridges to Tomorrow’ call for applications is open now! Classrooms will be
selected for the pilot and announced before the end of February. Following a teacher kick-off
meeting, classrooms will work collaboratively through March and April with final products and
celebrations taking place late April and into May.
We are looking for teachers who are creative and able to work collaboratively to help us build a
meaningful experience for the classrooms and the wider school communities. Apply now!
‘Building Bridges to Tomorrow’ is part of the series of Flat Classroom® Projects created by
Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis. Find out more from the Flat Classroom® website, and from our
recently released book, “Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration
One Step at a Time”.
Application Form for Building Bridges to Tomorrow:
Flat Classroom® Projects:
Flat Classrooms® Teacher Network:
Contact us:
Directors, Vick Davis and Julie Lindsay
For more about the pedagogy and benefits of adding global collaboration to your curriculum,
buy Julie and Vicki's book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds from Pearson Publishing.

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