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The National Forum on Information Literacy, under the auspices of Dr. Sharon A. Weiner, NFIL V.P. and W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy at Purdue University, is spearheading a national campaign to secure gubernatorial information literacy proclamations from all 50 states and territories. 

As most of you know, President Obama issued a presidential proclamation in 2009 establishing October as National Information Literacy Awareness Month, the first national recognition of this critical teaching and learning concept. 

In October 2011, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts issued an proclamation describing the importance of information literacy to the citizens of the Commonwealth. 

The National Forum's mission is simple - mainstream information literacy practice.  Seeking gubernatorial proclamations underscores that mission.  And we cannot do it without your support. 

A number of information literacy advocates have already volunteered to pursue proclamations in their states. The process, in most states, is quite simple and not complicated.  

We welcome your involvement...please contact Dr. Weiner directly at for a template and details on how you can become involved.  Thanks!

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