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High School Field Experience Reflections

What in particular did you like?

My field experience at Arvada West was not at all what I expected. I had heard storiesabout what high school libraries were like. I admit I was nervous about havingnothing to do and sitting around for 80 hours feeling a sense of desperationand frustration.

Was I ever wrong! I spent my time at AWest working with students and teachers, helping torefine processes, researching tools for lessons, setting up for classes andattending meetings that will drive the school. I enjoyed every minute of it andI learned so much from Susie Lackey. We had some great and inspiringconversations about advocacy. We did some networking and reached out to folkswe knew to help us resolve some problems and answer some questions, and we doveinto the unknown by creating lessons that were new to everyone involved. It was80 hours filled with broad thinking, problem solving, teaching, researching,and learning all kinds of amazing tools. I came away from the experienceenergized and ready to tackle some of the issues in my own building. I met withmy principal and shared my insights, and we devised a plan to share some of myideas with the staff. I also joined the district library leadership team!

What were some successful activities you did?

I was able to teach several lessons during my time at AWest, I began with just helpingstudents with some science research. Later that week I helped prep for anancient civilization class and then I taught all but one of the sections ofthat class. Finally, I did quite a bit of work and research for a documentaryproject, including meeting with the teacher, making suggestions, puttingtogether the information for the students and then teaching 2 different lessonsabout it to the students. All of these were great experiences and I trulyenjoyed them. I was particularly tickled when I would later see the samestudents in the library outside of class time doing more research. I was glad Iwas able to continue to help the kids.

All together the experience was an excellent one and I am thrilled I had a chance to work withsuch an energized and dynamic high school librarian. I learned more than Icould even fit in a paper and I will take away not only the skills I learnedbut the relationship I developed with an inspiring high school librarian.

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LIT framework from WLMA

In Jan 2010 WLMA advocates drafted a great one-page School LIT Program framework, pasted below. I shared it today with the British Columbia Teacher Librarian's Association leadership meeting in Kewlona, BC. In a similar way, they announced their new "Points of Inquiry" framework as the culmination of three years work. Here's to sharing!

School Library Information and Technology Programs for 21st Century Learning
Mission: To ensure that students are effective users and producers of information and ideas
Three essential functions of Teacher-Librarians:
  1. Information and Technology Literacy Instruction
  2. Reading Advocacy
  3. Information Management and Services
The scope and mix of these functions will depend on the program priorities and goals of each local school district and school building.
  1. Information and technology literacy instruction
  • Leads information literacy instruction including evaluation and analysis of the credibility, relevance and currency of information
  • Coaches instructional staff in support of curriculum, information technology and information management
  • Teaches students to be critical consumers and producers of information
  • Teaches students and staff to use emerging learning technologies for school and lifelong learning
  • Teaches students to be safe, ethical and responsible digital citizens
  1. Reading advocacy
  • Establishes and models a powerful, fashionable and ubiquitous culture of reading in the school community
  • Motivates and guides students to read for enjoyment and understanding
  • Develops a relevant collection of fiction and non-fiction in a variety of formats, ensuring quality reading choices for all students
  • Manages resources in support of established curriculum and student passions
  1. Information management and services
  • Provides open and equitable access to resources, technology and information services for the entire school community
  • Develops and administers inviting and effective physical and digital library environments
  • Manages resources to support teaching and learning
  • Administers information management systems to support student learning and school and district programs

Program framework development group (January, 2010):
Secondary Level
  • Marianne Hunter, NTCB (North Thurston S.D.)
  • Stephen Coker (Rainier S.D.)
  • Sarah Applegate, NTCB (North Thurston S.D.)
  • Mark Ray (Vancouver S.D.)
  • Roz Thompson (Tumwater S.D.)
Middle Level
  • Linda Collins (University Place S.D.)
  • Linda King (Yakima S.D.)
  • Leigh Lohrasbi (Yakima S.D.)
  • Nancy Mowat, NBCT (Bellevue S.D.)
Elementary Level
  • Dave Sonnen (Edmonds S.D.)
  • Wayne Osborn, NBCT (Clover Park S.D.)
  • Laura Berry, NBCT (Issaquah S.D.)
  • Steve Goodwin (Edmonds S.D.)
Higher Education
  • Mike Eisenberg (University of Washington)
  • John Marino (University of Washington)
  • Betty Marcoux (University of Washington)
  • Lorraine Bruce (University of Washington)
  • Christie Kaaland (Antioch University)
With additional contributions from Lisa Layera Brunkan, Washington Coalition for School Libraries and Information Technology and Colet Bartow, Montana Office of Public Instruction.
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ISTE Unveils 2 New Sites and a Sweet APP!

Now, I know being on the Board of Directors of ISTE means I'm a wee bit biased...But they don't pay me and I've been an avid ISTE association fan & member since I attended my first NECC conference in 2007 - Atlanta - where Kathy Schrock first introduced to me the virtual world of Second Life!

I'd been presenting every year at my state affiliate MICCA now MSET since 1996 but had never had the $ or the gumption to go to the "big show until 2007...when I finally decided that saving all year for the conference was the best investment in my professional growth...and yeah, I think it has worked out pretty well! [grin]

ISTE is committed to being a vibrant vehicle and support for change agents & EdTech professionals around the globe. As leaders of the cutting edge they keep adding cool new stuff that makes being a member of the LARGEST EdTech association in the WORLD even better!

A brand NEW re-vamped website....with all kinds of great new features! Live! Chat with ISTE Oregon Staff (who, by the way, are AWEsome!) AND you know what else?

From their newly re-designed site:
They've Got An App For That!

"Have an iPhone? Download ISTE’s new iPhone application by clicking here or searching for “ISTE Mobile” in the iTunes App Store. Have another Web-ready smart phone? Visit to surf our mobile Web version. Network with fellow ISTE members and get up-to-the minute news, blog posts, and educator resources."

Download the Application

Are You an ISTE Learner?

"An ISTE Learner is

• An active contributor to a professional learning community that focuses on the power of educational technology • An engaged educator passionate about teaching, learning and leading with educational technology
• An advocate for the ubiquitous use of the NETS as a vehicle for students, teachers and administrators to obtain 21st century skills

Become an ISTE Learner to

• Engage in conversations about the application of educational technology • Learn and share innovative approaches to building digital-age skills
• Gain access to experts and peers from around the world

It’s easy and free to become an ISTE Learner. Sign up today! ISTE - Search for the Future of Ed Tech by gwyneth

So if you haven't joined ISTE....or don't know about ISTE... I encourage you to check it out!

And thanks those of you who voted for me to be on the ISTE board... I really am passionate about serving you & the PK-12 teachers of the world! Leave a comment if you have a suggestion or an idea! YAY!
ISTE - NECC 07 Photos by ME!!
Other photos from - Thank you!

ISTE Unveils 2 New Sites and a Sweet APP!
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