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Week 7 Brainypics Contest: Your Funniest Photos

Thus far, we’ve accepted images from everywhere so long as you document the source. But this week, the students are the source!For Week 7 of our Brainypics contest, we want their funniest photos of just about anything: their uncle Mort sweating it up on the dance floor, a mobile pic they took of you stuffing your face in the cafeteria... whatever. Just be original and have fun with it.Get started and go to - We’ve got extra iTunes songs to give out!!! Instead of picking 5 winners this week, we will have 10. Awesome, right?

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K12Online2009 LAN Party


Please join us on November 18, 2009 at 22:30GMT/3:30pmPST/ 4:30pmMST/5:30pmCST/6:30pmEST for a live event of the 2009 K12Online Conference

On November 18, the K12Online Conference is hosting a LAN party from 6:30PM to 8:30PM EST. We invite everyone to gather at the LAN party site with colleagues in order to view two past conference presentations and then engage in lively discussions in the EdTechTalk chatroom. The following presenters will be in attendance.6:30 – 7:15 Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds – Panel jarrett.jpg Kevin is a K-4 Technology Facilitator at Northfield Community School in Northfield, NJ. He works closely with classroom teachers on engaging projects across the curriculum. Kevin also teaches online at Walden University’s Graduate School of Education. He has been exploring Second Life since March 2007 thanks to a $10,000 Faculty Excellence grant and expects to publish his findings in the fall.martinez.jpgSylvia Martinez is president of Generation YES, working to empower students in K-12 schools through digital technology. Sylvia has designed educational games, curriculum, and online experiences for teachers and students. Sylvia speaks and writes on subjects such as the use of technology, simulations and games to enhance educational opportunities and enable youth voice.6:45 – 7:30 Release the HoundsChris Harbeck teaches grade 8 math to approximately 140 students each year. He has been teaching middle harbeck.jpg

school students for over a decade and is in his third year of using 2.0 applications and “21st Century Learning” in his classroom. Despite the fact (or more realistically because of the fact) that math is one of those subjects students often reflect back on with distaste, fear or indifference, Chris has moved from teaching both social studies and math to the one subject. He has been involved in development of the middle years math curriculum at the divisional and provincial level. With his strong focus on conceptual understanding, Chris has discovered that using 2.0 tools and applications make math fun and interesting. An encouraging trend has emerged: students do not run away and saying “I hate math”; they love to do assignments and have started to see the beauty in math.The EdTechTalk community will host this event at questions or more information, contact Susan Van Gelder, Live Events Committee, at or on Twitter at @k12online.
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Brainypics: "Imaginary Conversation" Winners

Good job, everybody! Your students created over 540 Brainypics last week, which beat the previous record by about 100 pics. Wow. And we were quite impressed by those students who were up for the challenge of imagining fake conversations. Clearly, they are as crazy as we are, if not moreso. Hahaha.Here are 5 words to help on the SAT & ACT courtesy of our very deserving winners. Enjoy!

EDIT: In case you didn't understand this Brainypic, Brittney is being fatuous for thinking that fatuous means fat. Get it? Pretty clever!

The creators of these Brainypics were Emilychat, Lsliker, Ben Fiat, Drewprice11 and Dynamofan999, who has been submitting Brainypics for a few weeks now without ever getting picked but finally broke through with persistence and a rad Brainypic :DIf you are bummed that your students did not get picked, don't be! They've got 4 more weeks to earn iTunes and compete for our $200 Grand Prize.This week's theme: Your Funniest Photos. Yep, we want photos the kids have taken, and the photos can be of anything: your dog chasing its tail, the nasty food served in your cafeteria, whateva. Just make it yours and make it funny
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Week 6 Brainypics Contest: Imaginary Conversations

Say what?For week 6, we are asking for Brainypics where the sentence is what somebody is saying in an imaginary conversation that is happening in the picture. Just as you pick the word, picture and sentence, you get to come up with the conversation, too. The sillier, the better, of course. :]A little confused? Here are some examples I came up with to help you in your kids in their quest for iTunes and those dolla dolla billz.

Good luck!!! >>>>>
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Brainypics Halloween Winners

Thanks to everyone who got their students to create, vote for & comment on Brainypics last week. We received over 450 new flashcards! The kids must really love their vocabulary (or iTunes).Here are the 5 words for the SAT and ACT courtesy of last week's winners: jberestovoy, kody AND CHRIS, soccerrulz_93, vazquezd and libbrown.

P.S. - Don't be disappointed if your students didn't get picked! We are only at the halfway mark, so they have another 5 weeks to try to win iTunes and compete for our $200 Grand Prize.This upcoming week's contest: Imaginary Conversations. Create a sentence which is part of an imaginary conversation that is happening in the picture. Here are some examples of what we mean.Good luck! >>>>>
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