Research Made Easy

Okay, not easy, but much clearer! Kentucky Virtual Library's Research Rocket offers a student-friendly, step-by-step introduction to the research process.

While the screen shot to the right gives you a basic idea of the steps involved, what it doesn't show you is that each individual step provides its own easy to understand tutorial (see below).

For media center specialists or teachers introducing students to the research process, this is both a great introduction and a great stand-alone resource to which students can refer when going through the motions of information collection and organization.

(The picture to the right is the page a student would access if she clicked on the "Scan First" square of Step 4 on the map. As she reads over the information provided, she can also roll the mouse over the graphics, which provides additional visual cues).

And of course, there's always the option of using individual components of the whole process (such as the Scan/Survey module here) as reading comprehension skill builders in the elementary classroom.
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  • Any chance of you allowing to modify same for our individual schools with appropriate credit to you. It's fabulous, wonderfully visually appealling and the kids will love it.
  • Like most everything else on the Internet, I think this resource exists for open use by anyone who chooses to use it for its intended purposes. I additionally just posted about using nonfiction books to teach inquiry, and I included this site as well as a few others that are really terrific!
  • I like this visual. Very clear for students. Are you giving permission for those of us not in Kentucky to use?
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