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Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill

Wicked GirlsWicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill
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Wicked Girls is a great novel in verse exploring the Salem Witch Trials and the young girls who were called seers and were taken over by witches that these girls named. The witches were put in jail and then on trial. Hemphill does a good job of setting up the world in which these girls lived and the fact that the French and Indian War was involved; some were servants and others were a little more privileged. Strict religion and piety were very important and there was too much punishment by parents and relatives of very physical beatings. I think Anne Putnam was the most needy and in the end the girl I disliked the most because she became very arrogant and if she didn't like someone, Anne and her mother would come up with names of "witches" to punish. Hemphill ends the book with a listing of the real girls and what happened to them. She gives the names and a hsitory of the real people accused by the girls, an authors note that I find very helpful concerning research and trying to decide what theories were plausible and what were not.

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