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Parched by Melanie Crowder

ParchedParched by Melanie Crowder
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What an apt title, Sarel's family life has been decimated with the arrival of men looking for water. They murder Sarel's parents and set their home on fire with Sarel terrorized thereafter with the recurring fire nightmare. If she did not have her father's dogs (Rhodesian Ridgebacks)I know she would have perished from grief. Each night Sarel would lock the herself and the dogs kennel and they would drape themselves across her body. For awhile there was water but it became evident that the water was drying up. There is a boy, Musa, who is in shackles and being held against his will because he can find water just by dowsing sticks. Musa escapes his captors and walks across the desert and finds Sarel and her dogs. The mother dog, Nandi, knows Musa is the boy who will find them water. Melanie Crowder's plot, characters, and their exhaustive, painful search for water is a must read. It will make readers aware of how many throughout the world are losing their water source and how we must work on conserving this natural resource before it is too late.

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