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The Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman

The Gravity of BirdsThe Gravity of Birds by Tracy Guzeman
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Many thanks to my GMA friend, Mimi for recommending this book! Tracy Guzeman's book about family, sisters and the art world was mesmorizing. Sisters Natalie and Alice Kessler are on a summer vacation when they first meet Thomas Bayber who is a young artist in his early thirties. This fateful meeting and vacation will irrevocably change their lives. Once close, Natalie, the oldest sister, is controlling, vindictive but compelling beautiful. Alice is also good looking also but she is kind, compassionate and saddled from a very young age with rheumatoid arthritis, prohibiting her from pursuing her caeer in ornithology. After their parents die, Natalie controls Alice with lies, subservience and away from the public eye once they move away from their home. Fast forward to Thomas Bayber, in his seventies, commissions two art experts to find his earliest never seen before painting, titled The Kessler Sisters. Only problem, it is nearly impossible to find the sisters. If you love lies, romance, family dysfunction, and the thoroughly evil sister against the backdrop of the beauty in and around the art world, you will not be disappointed with this sweeping novel.

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