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Book review: All Our Broken Pieces

Book review: All Our Broken Pieces by L. D. Crichton

Publishing date: May 7, 2019

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I didn't think I'd enjoy a sappy love story, but that's OK, because this wasn't sappy. I really liked these believable characters. Kyler was very romantic, and Lennon made for a very good example of how to understand OCD in others.

The OCD portion of the story was handled very well, both normalizing and explaining how it's not normal, or rather when it's not normal... when it interferes or embarrasses or makes others uncomfortable. The facial disfigurement part of the story was not quite as revealing as far as creating empathy, but it did allow for some insight.

Even though most YA novels entail hyperbolic parents, and All Our Broken Pieces is no exception, the author did a good job of reining in the parental extremes and bringing them back down to sensible characters. Any characters are good who can admit when they are wrong, and these adult characters do just that. Graciously, too.

I'll probably shelve this acquisition for my high school library in our "death/drugs/disease" genre sticker category, but it could easily just be categorized as realistic fiction or romance. In any event, I'm looking forward to recommending this title to my students.

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Wonder by RJ Palacio

WonderWonder by R.J. Palacio
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonder is a must read for all! Auggie is a 5th grader who has been home schooled and is now going to enter middle school for the first time. Auggie is no ordinary child, he has been hit with 2 bad genes that have deformed his face and the resulting operations have not corrected his deformed face. But Auggie has a wonderful family, a mother, father, and sister and dog, Daisy, who proclaim their love daily. The author hits home through different characters that Auggie's face will always elicit responses from screams,shudders, horror and panic. But this book is uplifting and with each chapter and character, Auggie finds an inner strength, friends and champions to combat those who disparage him, bully him or just plain ignore him. You will root for his sister, Olivia and her fierce love. You will cheer for his parents, funny dad and sympathetic mom and especially their dog, Daisy who provides licks and warmth as she sleeps with Auggie, as they honestly deal with Auggie's lot in life. You will love Auggie's English teacher,Mr. Browne's and his precepts that help shape his students. Jack Will and Summer, prove to be Auggie's best friends, but their road to friendship is not easy, but it is steadfast. Students, teachers and parents, you will be inspired by Auggie and all that this book can teach us about the simple things and ourselves. Highly recommended!

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