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New Virtual Classroom Launching on the 25th of July - Important Points to Note
Hello Everyone,

The much awaited new Virtual Classroom is finally set for launch on Sunday, the 25th of July 2010. We sincerely thank all the teachers who have helped us with their valuable feedback and suggestions for the new look and feature-rich Virtual Classroom. The new Virtual Classroom has been designed specially for teachers and students, and offers ease-of-use, a rich look-and-feel experience, and smooth interaction.
With only few days left for its launch, we suggest that you start getting acquainted with the new Virtual Classroom right away to get a seamless experience in your future classes. Try the new Virtual Classroom by following the link below or just copy and paste in your browser directly:
You can also send a request for a demo and one of our technical support executives will get back to you shortly to help you on the new Virtual Classroom. A personal invitation will be sent once you confirm your slot for the demo. So please reserve your slot at the earliest by writing to us at
After the launch, all the classes that you have already scheduled will use the new Virtual Classroom by default.
Important points to note:
1) There will be a downtime between 3:30 AM and 7:30 AM (GMT) and 9:00AM to 1:00PM (IST) on Sunday, the 25th of July 2010 due to the upload of new Virtual Classroom to the WiZiQ's server. During this time, you would neither be able to access the website, nor schedule a class. We also request you to make sure that you do not have any class scheduled between the above mentioned downtime. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
2) Our new virtual classroom works with flash player version and above. You can download and install the latest flash player from for version
What's new?
Here are some enhancements:
1. Improved Audio and Video
• View videos of four participants simultaneously
• Enjoy much improved, latency-free audio
2. Feature-rich Whiteboard and Interface
• Cut/copy/paste, group, ungroup, bring objects back/forth, or rotate the shapes on the whiteboard
• Rename whiteboards
• Change the background colors of the whiteboard
• Add a grid to the background for drawings
• Minimize or move windows within the whiteboard area
• Use emoticons in your chat
• Handle the new ‘File’ and ‘Edit’ menus
3. New-look Media Player
• Select videos from your playlist history in the content library
Also, the new Virtual Classroom adjusts to your screen resolution automatically on launch.
We look forward to your feedback and hope that the new Virtual Classroom fulfils all your online teaching needs.

Warm wishes,
The WiZiQ Team
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The school year is about to begin, and it will be an interesting one. I have been a teacher librarian for 7 years in practice and after this year I will be taking some time to concentrate on my own research and studies.

I have been enrolled in a Teacher Leadership program since Summer of 2008, and am finishing my second master's this year. My studies have been wonderful, exhilarating, and life changing and I don't want to stop. By definition, I guess this makes me an intrinsically motivated lifelong learner. And yet despite these flow like feelings I am increasingly frustrated (on good days) and downright ambivalent (on bad days) as a result of living two connected but separate academic lives.

In addition to my ongoing research and studies, I crave MOST of the activities and responsibilities inherent in my role as a high school librarian. And while my job and my scholarship are intricately woven together and seamlessly whole at times this is not always the case. The daily battles I fight on behalf of my teachers and students (access, funding, technology integration, and relevant instructional practices) suck the life energy out of my being as if I were Bella and bad educational policy was a vicious coven of nomad vampires. If I am to remain productive, creative, and, well, fun to be around, I can no longer serve two masters.

My year begins with an interesting dilemma that makes me think of Chris Cruncher's novel, Deadline. Ben Wolfe, the protagonist, has a year to live and must decide what projects will fill his remaining days. Unlike Ben, fortunately, I am not dying a physical death nor am I keeping my time limits secret from everyone around me. Like Ben, I need to decide how best to devote my limited resources. I have a lot of thoughts on this matter, but only two rules.

  1. I must intrinsically enjoy whatever I devote myself to achieving this year. Why? Because this means whatever I leave as my tangible legacy to the school will be AWESOME!

  2. Everything I do during my contacted time MUST be student centered. Each goal must begin and end with a litmus test of how to best to create optimal learning environments and structure individualized learning opportunities for all of my students, no exceptions. Given it is a school of 3000 teens, well, "enjoyable" isn't exclusively synonymous with "easy."

So, if you had one more year as an employed school librarian, and you knew it, what would you do with your time?

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Public and School Linraries

What is the future of the of our libraries? How can we work together to benefit education in general and students specifically? How can we implement distance learning?
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Need of a coordinator for librarians

I have always been surprised that each 'department' in our school has a coordinator who specializes in that field - well, every department except mine. We fall under the auspices of the person who handles the federal funding - whomever it may be from year to year.

I am not saying that the individual does a bad job. I am not saying they do not try to do their best. I am saying that they have no idea of what librarianship entails and so we get shortchanged occasionally. Their aren't many of us in our district so I do understand why they haven't hired a coordinator but might I suggest one of the librarians with an MLS or who has the experience to provide appropriate guidance, support, and professional development required of librarians.
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