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With schoolbudgets being cut dramatically this year, we are all looking for ways tosave money and keep students and teachers up to date with the bestinformation. A new series of online databases have taken the schoolworld by storm, coming in and allowing schools to save up to 50% on whatthey spend now on online resources.

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Switching to lighter fonts will save money

I'm going to share this article from AP's Dinesh Ramde with our English 9 class' problem/solution speech.
An excerpt from the article:
Here's a legal way to print money: change the font

MILWAUKEE — Here's a way you might save $20 this year: Change the font in the documents you print.

Because different fonts require different amounts of ink to print, you could be buying new printer
cartridges less often if you wrote in, say, Century Gothic rather than
Arial. Schools and businesses could save thousands of dollars with font


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Just participated in the L4L webinar yesterday. It was very informative and affirming. What I have been trying to accomplish in my library is what I heard loud and clear as far as the direction of school library programs. I would like to use much of it to help our library assistants get up to speed with what is happening in the school library world. Thanks to Dr. Carol Gordon and others who are making this program happen.
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Google for Teachers!

A free online guide by Richard Bryne
Google for Teachers
Lotsofgreat ideas for searching, In all there are 33 pages containing 21
ideas and how to instructions
for creating Google Maps
placemarks, directions creating and publishing a
quiz with Google Docs forms,
directions for embedding books into your
blog, and visual aids
for accessing other Google tools.

You candownload the document from Yudu or DocStoc. Great ideas and useful tips!
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