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Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

This book did a great job of telling Ryan's story and then viewing the mystery through Sarah's videos. There was just the right amount of tension to give you that creepy, scary feeling throughout the whole book. I didn't really like the ending, but I will want to read the other books to follow old Joe Bush's ghost and his leg that he drags...A great book for kids who like mysteries, horror and the reluctant reader will enjoy the length, Ryan's journal entries, his pictures and the notes he uses tape to show Sarah but then erase the entry so his parents can't spy on him. What does this all mean----READ the book to find out, you will enjoy the haunted feeling you have as you turn the pages.

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Secondary FE Reflection

What in particular did you like?

I really enjoyed being part of the library community at Doherty. It's really interesting to see all of the tasks that are thrown at librarians at a high school. I had no idea the breadth of opportunities and requirements that LTEs in D-11 have to deal with.

What were some successful activities you did?

It's interesting that one of the things that I enjoyed doing best was going around and updating several computers to XP Service Pack 3. It was great learning experience about what LTEs have to do that has nothing to do with the library, per se. It also made me feel pretty important to go around to someone's computer and work on it. If the person who uses the computer walked in, they immediately gave me tons of respect since I was doing something to their machine that they had no idea how to do themselves. It was very empowering.

What do you wonder about now....

I just wonder if high school is where I really want to be in a library setting. After having done an Elementary Field experience, I definitely felt more appreciated by the elementary staff and students that I worked with. I also wonder if I'm going to have to move outside of the Colorado Springs area to find a media specialist position, or at least out of D-11.

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Heroin Diaries appropriate for high school?

I just bought the Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx thinking it would be a great resource for health class book reports. I had no idea it was so graphic but I hate to take it off the shelves because it's so good. My temporary solution has been permission slips but I don't want to have permission slips for every questionable book. I also recently bought the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but I've just been warning kids that it has a violent rape scene in it and if their parents wouldn't approve of them reading it they shouldn't check it out. This probably wouldn't be such a problem in a larger city but I live in a tiny super-conservative town. Any ideas?
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