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Right Behind You by Gail Giles

Gail Giles has done it again, a superb psychological thriller with a 9 year old boy setting his friend on fire, being sent to a juvenile detention center and learning through many mistakes, good psychiatrists and a supportive family that he doesn't deserve the unhappiness and self hate for the rest of his life. This book kind of reminded me of Boy Toy by Barry Lyga and how kids can be so damaged by what has been done to them or by them. They feel insecure, are not honest with their own feelings and really need the expert help of counseling to wade through to a cartharsis and awaken to self-acceptance and that maybe they do deserve some happiness?? in life. But unlike her other books---there is the hint of a happy ending in the future for Wade and Sam. And in the end, even though it is soooo difficult- honesty is the best policy.
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Paper Towns by John Green

Quentin ("Q") is a teen who has loved from afar crazy, sexy neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman (and you must always say all three when you mention her name). When they were nine, they came upon a dead man in the park where they went to play. Q's parents told him to take a nap and forget about it but Margo slipped out of her house and investigated the suicide. That is just how Margo Roth Spiegelman is, adventurous, alluring but also lots of scary fun. One night she slips in Q's window and she takes him on an all night of hair-raising fun and revenge. Q can't wait to continue this renewed friendship the next day. Only Margo disappears and Q starts turning up clues he believes Margo has left for him. Undaunted he becomes obsessed with finding her dead or alive and his loyal friends are right there to help him out. What did I learn from this funny, engrossing, can't put it down book? Keep your good friends and loyalty will reward you with love 4ever! Read the book and find out why John Green has a 3rd totally entertaining book
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Paranoid Park by Blake Nelson

Gripping, intense and thrilled to go to Paranoid Park to use his skateboard, a 16 year old kid ventures back a 2nd time without his friend and meets up with scary skater dudes and decides to hop the train with him, just for fun. What happens when they get to the train yard forever changes his life. A guard tries to yank them off the train with a fierce club that he uses visiously on both guys. In their effort to defend themselves, they kick him and then hit him with his skateboard. The guard ends up being dragged under the train, mangled and killed. With taut prose Blake Nelson captures the teen's fear, loathing with himself for not owning up to the accidental crime and the guilt and torment he now carries around. Couldn't put this one down, skater dudes will love this!
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Tutorial & Game: Determining Website Accuracy

Free Online Materials from the 21st Century Information Fluency Project


We've just posted a revised version of our Accuracy MicroModule.We've also added a practice game that helps students practice:finding embedded evidencechecking evidence for accuracytriangulation of dataThis is one of about 50 tutorials we have online. We'll be revising these resources over the coming year. We plan to add links to our new games and update the contents accordingly.Drop in and give this new edition a try? We'd love to hear what you think.As always, you're free to link to & use this resource in your professional practice.~ Dennis & Carl (Information Fluency Partners)
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Care to Moodle your Google (GDocs that is)?

Care to Moodle your Google (GDocs that is)?

moodle your google

Learn the basics of GDocs collaboration in ths week long fully facilitated online class. Learn a bit about G-Docs, get introduced to Moodle based online learning, and have some fun!

It's a simple search puzzle to find us: Use Google to search with these keywords:

information fluency

Follow the first link and you'll be on the path to an interesting and inexpensive online learning experience!

Questions, as always, will be cheerfully answered!

~ Dennis

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