Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

Couldn't put this one down and so compelling too! Jennifer Harris is 9 years old, fat and a social outcast and recalling a scary time when she was at her best friend, Cameron Quick's (LOVE HIS NAME)house without permission and his father is yelling and scary and lots of other things. Fast forward to Jennifer at 17 and she is now Jenna Vaughn, pretty, thin, funny, with lots of friends and a boyfriend of 3 months, Ethan. But Jenna Vaughn's carefully constructed world is about to fall apart when Cameron Quick (who she thought was DEAD) comes walking back into her life. So begins the saga of Jennifer and Cameron, his sudden death/disappearance, her happy family and his non-family. Cameron is drop dead handsome now and Jenna's friends want him, but so does Jenna--doesn't she? This will be going into one of those sad, depressing books categories but I loved the depth of feeling in Cameron and Jenna,of and her mom's husband, Alan-- especially when all of her friends seemed so superficial and her mother doesn't have a clue. I loved Jenna's final chapter about Cameron where she says Still, by the time I've had my share of boyfriends, I discover that even the ones I truly love never bring on the same kind of feeling that I get when I think about Cameron. In the end, I decide that the mark we left on each other is the color and shape of love. That's the unfinished business between us. Because love, love is never finished." A must read, tugged at my heartsrings!!!
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