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Now that the quarter is over, my elementary school is on winter break, and all the Christmas cookies are baked; I can settle down and read all those books I have missed since September! I've read "Found" by Margaret Peterson Haddix, "Savvy", and am reading "House of Many Ways" by Diane Wynne Jones. I have the book "Dark as Gold", a Rumplestiltstin variation, but am looking for a few more that may be on Newbery lists. Any suggestions out there?
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  • Thanks for the recommendation on the new Jerry "Spinelli; I need to look for that. I also need to get the second 39 Clues, my students like the first! Have you read the latest J.K. Rowling? That is in my pile next!
  • I am a first year librarian, so i feel like i am always trying to catch up on my reading so i can reccomend some books to them. I also read "Found" over break, and Jerry Spinelli's "Smiles to Go". I enjoyed the Spinelli book, an interesting twist at the end.
  • I figured that I may as well read 39 CLUES and get it over with before my fifth graders start hounding me, so that's what I have been doing over my holiday break.

    The first book, written by Rick Riordan, was enjoyable and an easy read. The second, written by Gordon Korman, is also fine, though I fear the reading level is much higher than the first, making it harder for my younger readers to muddle through. Who knows what books three through ten will hold!

    I'm glad I read the books, but I don't think Rowling has a thing to worry about. (39 CLUES is said to be the next HARRY POTTER, you know.)
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