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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in ColdtownThe Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
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I have never read a book by Holly Black that I didn't like- Tana is a character I loved getting to know. She is a teen who likes to rescue people, but she also gets herself into trouble because she won't back down. I liked how the reader knew Tana was scared to death but the people around her never see her fear. She had a strong sense of concern for others and didn't hold a grudge. Waking up after a party she doesn't remember, Tana saves her old boyfriend (who has been bitten), Aiden and a vampire, Gavriel who is chained to Aiden's bed. Gavriel is a monster who has lived for hundreds of years but looks like a teen. It is Tana's saving of Gavriel that sets the tempo for their friendship. Gavriel has been to hell and back; suffered monstrously, been betrayed by everyone and locked up and tortured for over a hundred years. But it is all of this history that makes him a very, very strong and powerful vampire but we don't find this out til much later. But Gavriel will not forget Tana's kindess and Tana is freaked out that she is attracted to him as well (you will love them!!!) The Coldtown she takes them to is for infected Vampires. Many teens who watch the video feeds think Coldtowns are glamorous and run away to these forever horror-filled places. I would love to see this book become a movie (and I would love to see a sequel); Holly Black's writing was very visual and downright scary. But it was also sensual, especially with Tana and Gavriel- you have to read it!!! I could not put this book down; with all the blood and gore, this horror book is a must read!

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