Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson

James likes to rant and rave against society's ills---hence the title---he wants all cars gone because of the damage they do,his father doesn't understand him at all and wants to buy him a car for college. James is not even thinking of college. I liked the way the reader can see all of James' anger, angst,humor and wisecracks. We see his Sadie, sweet, concerned, active and passionate about her causes. James' writing is great, so many of the papers he submits to his teacher are hilarious and his teacher's comments show he knows how to get masterpeices from James time and time again. Where his exgrilfriend Sadie is concerned, James is still totally in love with her, it is James' anger, negativity and mean spirit that ended their relationship before, but time has passed, James sees an opening when Sadie and her current boyrfiend break up and even though he crashed and burned before, James knows he will ineveitably be with Sadie again. But how will Sadie & James be, how will James be when he is with Sadie? Totally different from Paranoid Park, but I enjoy Blake Nelson's books and he gets teens with all of their baggage.
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