Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

This is my 3rd book (even though this was written first!!!) and Lauren is a teen who can't believe she is dating the most perfect guy, Dave. He is kind, considerate and Lauren wonders, "what does he see in me" and everyone in school wonders the same thing too. Lauren cares about him, but she is not toally into Dave the way he is into her. Lauren's real estate dad is never around and if he is, he is usually distracted and unlucky in love. Her mom took off when she was six and since then, Lauren's dad moves women into their home so they can be one big happy family. Well, it never works and one time, Lauren's dad brought a woman with a son, Evan, to live with them. Lauren and Evan got along great, even though their parents did not. When they break up, Evan moves out and life goes on....until years later when Evan sits next to her in World History. What happens next is the conflict that Lauren feels about caring for the greatest guy in the world and wanting Evan. High school is at its most isolating and Lauren needs to decide what she really wants and how to deal with all the curve balls in her life. I loved this book but I will say My favorite book of ES is Perfect You, then Bloom and Something, Maybe. I have on order Living Dead Girl but I am a little afraid to read it....
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