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Video book talks is something I started this year at my middle school. My school is lucky to have enough technology to incorporate a broadcasting class that cast a daily broadcast. Using my background in television I took the initiative to learn iMovie and create my own book talks much in the style of a movie trailer.I love the fact that I can use my Telivision/Film background in a way that encourages reading and markets the library. I wish I had more time to create my own video booktalks but since I am the only one running the library I have been unable to. Lately broadcasting students have taken on the book talk editing task (I still write the scripts and find the images for them to edit), but their book talks have fallen far below my standards since their orginal broadcasting teacher left and has been replaced by several subs.I have uploaded my first and I think my best video book talk based on the book "Interstellar Pig", a book I first read when I was in junior high.
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