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November 24

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I am a middle school media specialist who loves what I do!

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  • Greetings Katharine,

    I'm Mike McQueen, teacher librarian and founder of http://www.GettingBoysToRead.com. Like many school districts, we are in a financial crises. Our school board recently proposed to eliminate ALL 20+ middle school teacher librarians and also cut all 90+ elementary schools to half time. Since we are the biggest district in all of Colorado, we worry this will cause other districts to follow suit. We launched an online movement and are going to do our best to put up a good fight. If possible, please visit our Facebook page and "Like" us http://www.facebook.com/SupportSchoolLibraries . Adding a positive comment and sharing with your friends would help our morale as well. The board finalizes the budget soon so your timely support would be greatly appreciated!


    Mike McQueen

    Teacher Librarian at McLain HS

    Lakewood, CO

  • Fabulous. I've tweeted it twice this morning...emailed it to proactive folks. Will add to my class blog (unfortunately a very small class, but HEY!) Hope it's a big success!

    Thanks for sharing. I'm ready to FREEZE-N-Read!
  • Katharine,

    Love your book fair mystery. What a creative way to get the students involved (and buying) at the book fair. I'm sure it was a successful, enjoyable event.
  • As they say, "It was nice just to be nominated...."

    Enjoy your family time. There's NEVER enough of it!

  • I saw your edits first thing this morning....fabulous! I'm betting your enthusiasm and creativity are making a real difference in the lives of your students--and teachers, too!

    Thanks, Kathy! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Hi, I looked at your Prezi. Really cool tool. Thanks for sharing. I'm also a middle school librarian. This is my first year and I'm loving it. I saw "Readatouille" in your prezi. What is that? We have a strong foreign language department here and it looks like something I could do with the French teacher. Just trying to steal a great idea! Thanks.
    Allison Bowen
  • Yep, Black Mountain, NC. We've had a summer house here since 1996 and bought this "last house before the home" in 2001. Been here full time for the last couple of years...and LOVE it. Fall and spring are just glorious and winters and summers aren't bad either.

    You can see the workshop materials at http://bit.ly/2009FAME...and http://fame09.pbworks.com. I have to re-do the video segment because I really messed up the audio--maybe next week. "Virtual" certainly added to the challenge!
  • Hard to tell from here! I heard about 40 people had registered...they seemed interested. Screensharing technology was too slow so I sent DVDs of everything....not my best workshop, I think, but my last! Thanks for asking. Let me know what you're up to now and then. I'm proud of you! --djb
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm trying to pack a lot into the time...too much, I'm sure. So many cool tools. Your prezi is THE BEST!

    Thanks for the link to your blog, too. Very clever! Hope your teachers enjoy it.

    You remain ONE creative human being, Kathy! I mean FABRARIAN!!

  • Of course....! The workshop is on 9/30...so tweak away (or don't!) I did find it and saw you had done even more prezis! Cool!

    Thanks, Kathy!
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