Library WhatsApp group

Introducing…The Librarian’s Peace

(yes it’s a play on words)


I am writing to invite you to a new Librarians WhatsApp group – The Librarian’s Peace

Joining link…

Why another school librarians’ group you ask?

When I use a network it’s usually for help with a problem that’s right in front of me and I need some speedy advice...but, on the other hand, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t remember to contribute as much as I should.  I hope that a WhatsApp group will fix this problem – it’s easy to dip in when I have something to add, and quick to access when I need help.


I am hoping that you will join us, because if enough people join then we will have an active network that can support everyone, even if we are not all present all the time.  I am calling this new approach ‘professional casual.’


Keep it simple rules

Be nice – assume everyone has the best intentions. Haters will be ejected post haste.

Sharing is good – professional sharing preferred, please keep personal greetings to a minimum.

Professional, not promotional - commercial posts will be removed. 



Email if you want to know more before committing –

Or, just click the link and see if it’s for you…



Thanks for reading all the way to the end, I hope to chat with you soon – Alan.


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