I would like to have connections with some elementary school librarians from other countries to collaborate and share cultures, practices, and ideas with. If you know of resources, please share!

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  • Claudia, Are you looking for elementary school librarians FROM other countries or IN other countries? I have a couple students who are serving in International schools in other countries and I can provide you some contacts if you wish.
    • Hi Bonnie! I was thinking that it would be wonderful to connect with an elementary school librarian in another country that could have his/her students connect with some of my students either by email or traditional mail service. It could be integrated into a "Christmas Around the World" or "Children Around the World" unit focused on diversity. Students could share their cultures as well as practice all kinds of content skills.
      Are your students Americans? In what capacity are they serving? I sure appreciate your offer!
      • Hi 

        Claudia we are a brand new K12  Indian community school in Kuwait and we have around 1000 student at the moment. 

        As you suggested the culture and students connect with each other ... its a great idea of exchanging the kids world round the corner ... but we have closed the academic year 2018 on 4 june and will reopen on 15th of August for the new year 2018/19  our school kids are all Indians and would love to practice all kinds of skills and communication exchanges, if you like to idea lets keep in touch with each others for further discussions

        my contact email id is msbkwt.library@gmail.com   and i am Librarian here at msb community school 



      • My students are Americans. One is in Bahrain and volunteers in an international school library, the other is in Damascus, Syria, and has just taken over as library media specialist in a K-12 school. The one in Bahrain has started a project on worldwide school libraries so she may be able to add some additional connections. I'll check to see if it is okay to give you their contact info. Did you post your question to LM_NET?
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