21st Century Skills - Online Group Interview/Discussion

Hello Everyone :) I am conducting an online interview and discussion to discover the issues facing students in the 21st Century and how may these arising issues be resolved. Here are the questions that I welcome your comments and insight on 21st Century Skills: • Which 21st Century Skills and Information Skills do you feel are an issue for today’s students? How do you feel that it may be resolved? • What is your personal definition of information literacy? • Do you believe you are implementing these concepts of Information Literacy into your curriculum in order to strengthen the Information Literacy Skills of your students? • What types of knowledge and skills should students learn in the school library of the 21st Century? • How can Educators school-wide gain the required 21st Century Skills in order to teach students in the 21st Century? What advice and comments would you like to share with future educators and future school librarians that pertains to 21st Century Skills and Information Skills? Contact Information: Name: Position: Location: Number of years in current position: _________________________________ Thank you all for your participation and I am greatly looking forward to your responses and comments, - Tammy [GSU Grad Student]

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