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Hello All, very curious about how you are using Twilight (including the film) to promote the book, and in general, encourage greater enthusiasm for the library.

For example, we are thinking about having a Twilight poster giveaway, among other things, a costume/look-alike contest.

What activities are you doing?


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Hi, Elaine!
You are right that the rage over Twilight can be used to encourage interest in books and the library.
Our high school is planning to have after-school book discussions on the first book, Twilight. Those that participate will go on an after-school field trip to see the movie when it is released in Nov. We did this last year with Kite Runner and we were pleased with the results.
I also like your ideas on give-aways and contests and look forward to others' feedback.
Thanks for this post!
Hi Mary,

While I appreciate Twilight for its popularity I truly appreciate Kite Runner for its literary value. I felt like I grew as a person by reading it and I still am mesmerized by passages that are so lyrical they beg to be re-read. I came across the Google Lit Trips google lit trips globe overlay of the Kite Runner this past spring while taking a course at SU. If you haven't seen it already - check it out...You can walk in Amir's shoes yet again.

I know this post focuses on Twilight but Google Lit Trips is worth mentioning. It could be used in the LMC or the classroom.

Good idea on the poster. I just received the ALA poster & the students gather around and
discuss things like casting of Bella, how hot Edward is, and which book in the series they
are currently reading. I have a bookworm club & cannot wait to hear more discussions.
When I did a booktalk on TWILIGHT for our 9th grade orientation, many of the girls
were wearing the TWILIGHT shirt that very day!!! Get the shirt and they will swarm the library!
I like the idea of going as a group to see the movie.
Let's have more ideas with the TWILIGHT craze and keep it going.
Hi everyone. We are having a great time reading Twilight in the library. The students are so eager to read and talk about the novels. I have one student who is ahead of me and she is trying to spoil all of the surprises. I think I will order the poster as well as tshirts, do I get thoise on the Twilight website? I was also wondering if there was an interesting novel for the boys to get taken up with. Any suggestions??
Does anyone have Twilight series in a 6th grade collection? Why or why not?
I don't have it in my collection (grades 4-6). But I did have it at my former school (5-8). I read it over the summer and just didn't feel it was appropriate for my new age group. The kids have been begging me for it though. I'd be curious to know if anyone else had it also.
I have the first book in my elementary school, though I don't let K-3 check it out. Even 4th grade, I'm hesitant, but a couple of them are mature enough to handle it (or read it with siblings/parents). I didn't buy it at first because of the age-appropriateness factor, but I had so many requests for it that I thought "Isn't this what the library is for? To give patrons access to what they want to read?" Half of the 6th grade girls are reading the series anyway after their parents bought it for them or they've waited on the 30-40 person hold list at the public library.
I'm a librarian in a 5th/6th grade campus, and we have books 1-3 but not the fourth. I read every Twilight book before I put it on the shelf, so I can support my choice to put it out there. I've found that the 5th graders who want to get it because it's a "mature" book will tote it around for a couple of days then bring it back. The 6th graders are rabid about it. I feel that many of the Princess Diary books are MUCH more graphic than the Twilight vols. 1-3, and have removed many of them due to mature content. I like the Twilight books because: it's Edward who resists sex, and he loves Bella with no sexual expectations of her, and Bella is true to herself. She eats, she argues, she is who she is. I don't think any of the books are great literature, but the kids see it as a real connection to what they love and the library.
i have it in my middle school (6-8).....the 6th graders are gobbling it up!....
it's very romantic but not overtly sexual but i also sometimes intercede if i think the kid is not up to reading it, whether by reading or maturity level. i even blogged about it...
i have a connection at the movie studio and i got some promotional materials when the film came out...twilight sample chapter books and bookmarks....even some of the boys are into the series!
We did a "Books With Bite" Book Club night last school year using Twilight. (This was before Teen Read Week decided to use Books with Bite as their theme this year.) We printed the Twilight Playlist from Stephanie Meyer's website. I also had a brochure available with many other vampire books. We used a red and black theme and served foods that fit the theme. (We had red apple slices with caramel dip, chocolate covered cherries, salsa and chips, red and white MandMs, etc. We also had two punch bowls--one with red punch (Edward) and one with a clear (Sprite-based) punch (Bella.) During refreshments we had the playlist playing. We used inexpensive black and red plastic table cloths, red and black paper plates, napkins, etc. My coworker's son had just had a red and black wedding the week before, so we used some of the black candle holders with the red candles. She also had some clear vases left over with reb and black ribbons around them. We saved the carnations (from the wedding) that were still usable and had red and white carnations in the vases. I'm including a FLICKR link to some photos below. The book discussion was lively and great fun! We would definitely do it again.
I love it! I'm going to use some of these ideas when we have our book club meeting. So clever! Thanks, Jan and thank you, Elaine, for starting this thread. Great topic!
Jan, i don't see the flickr links?


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